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March 27, 2022
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President Pearland, Texas 832-563-5699 Jacob has had a storied 24+ year career, working mainly for two majors in upstream oil and gas geospatial and survey (Geomatics) and information management leadership roles.  He has managed individual project budgets of over $10 million USD and department budgets encroaching upon $30 million USD per year.  Jacob has also worked for

August 21, 2016
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Need global commodity price data?  Want to understand more about supply, demand and economic growth or decline?  Want to see commodity price forecasts and regional production / consumption estimates to 2035 sourced from organizations like the IMF and BP? setld’s Global Commodity Price & Economic Outlook Data Product (GCPEODP) is an annual data subscription designed

December 6, 2015
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Heard all the recent chatter about big data, predictive analytics, machine learning, AI and robots?  These are certainly interesting topics to monitor.  But, an updated information management strategy, efficient data flows and effective data analytics levering GIS can lead to large bottom line improvements today. “Better information on demand” / GIS as a Service (GaaS)