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December 6, 2015
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Heard all the recent chatter about big data, predictive analytics, machine learning, AI and robots?  These are certainly interesting topics to monitor.  But, an updated information management strategy, efficient data flows and effective data analytics levering GIS can lead to large bottom line improvements today.

“Better information on demand” / GIS as a Service (GaaS) is here.  setld Mentorprise GIS (MGIS) is an information management platform consisting of our world-class internal enterprise GIS, shared with you via cafeteria-style web services and meaningful maps, reports, charts and alerts of your choosing.

Why should your company struggle to fund, build and maintain complex systems when setld will do it for you at a fraction of the cost? Let us look after the many valuable data flows and partner with you to get you the answers you need, when you need them.

mgis1setld MGIS top down:

4.    Deliver meaningful web maps, reports, charts and alerts to your devices
3.    Include your internal data and create added value with mashups and analyses
2.    Add your existing data subscriptions
1.    Gather, process and curate base data

setld MGIS implementation requires only a modern web browser and internet access for
ongoing use across your organization.

Leverage our experience to build your competitive advantage – GET SETLD!



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