Vision & Mission


The world’s most challenging issues can be solved with informed action. setld enables these actions by harnessing the full potential of the data that defines our world.


We empower our clients to reduce risk and make better and more profitable decisions. We deliver broad, sustainable, game-changing automated information solutions, maximizing return on data and information assets. GET SETLD.

Why Choose Us

We directly and proactively address your business needs and resolve complex problems with game-changing, sustainable information solutions to add measurable value to your organization.

Our normalized datasets, custom analysis modules, information mashups and meaningful reporting are designed to break down common barriers, answer questions automatically and bring a custom news feed to your organization.

setld will:

  1. Collaborate to assess business needs
  2. Assist in leveraging existing assets
  3. Identify gaps and overlaps
  4. Pioneer custom workflows
  5. Deliver sustainable, value-adding solutions
  6. Generate buy-in and ensure optimized usage


With 100+ years of combined industry, information management and related toolkit experience, our expert team can quickly identify your key business needs, simplify the complex and lead the charge toward better business information on demand.

Jacob Maggard


Jacob has had a storied 20+ year career, working mainly for two majors in upstream oil and gas geospatial and survey (Geomatics) and information management leadership roles.  He has managed individual project budgets of over $10 million USD and department


Stan Maggard

Senior Vice President, Operations

Stan has 40+ years of experience and technical leadership in all phases and disciplines of oil and gas / petrochem projects.  He specializes in FEL scope development, BoE and TICE (project estimating) with an emphasis upon levering effective workflows and proper data


Jonathan Attoe

Systems Analyst

Jonathan joined setld in September 2019.  He is a Computer Scientist by trade and assists us with maintaining and growing our data product portfolio.  His primary duties are leading teams, building data flows, data validation, tech support and QC.


Omar Ahmed

GIS Analyst

Omar came to setld in Fall 2017.  His hard work and dedication have resulted in graduation from his setld internship.  Omar leads our TOTEMM digitization efforts as well as assists with new-build data product creation and training GIS Analyst Interns.


Matthew Tran

Data Coordinator

Matt joined setld in January 2021.  With a degree in Geophysics, he assists us with growing our TOTEMM international market & competitive intelligence product by leading our digitization efforts, new-build data product creation, hiring and training GIS Analyst Interns.


Greg Caceres

Data Coordinator

Greg joined setld in January 2021.  He is an Agricultural Engineer by trade and assists us with maintaining and growing our TOTEMM international market & competitive intelligence product.  His primary duties are processing new companies, validation, entry, etc.


Dane Laird

Data Analyst

Dane joined setld in May 2021. While working on his BS in Petroleum Engineering at UH, he assists us with maintaining and growing our TOTEMM international market & competitive intelligence product by leading our data entry and interpretation efforts.


Justin Hafer

GIS Analyst

Justin joined setld in July 2021. With a BS in Environmental Geoscience, he assists us with maintaining and growing our TOTEMM international market & competitive intelligence product by leading our digitization efforts, tidying data and training GIS Analyst Interns.


Renee Porter

Business Development

Renee joined setld in May 2022. Levering her extensive oil & gas experience, she assists setld with project framing & QC, dataflows, data interpretation, editorialization, GIS, marketing, sales, customer care and advises us on how to keep our data products ahead of the rest.


Brandon Cooley

GIS Coordinator

Brandon joined setld in October 2019. With 25+ years of CAD / GIS experience, he assists us with maintaining and growing our TOTEMM international market & competitive intelligence product by leading our digitization efforts and training GIS Analyst Interns.



Data Analysts / GIS Analysts

setld provides fast-ramp opportunities to the most flexible and driven students out there.  We’ve hosted interns from:  Ball State University, Dartmouth College, LSU, Missouri S&T, Penn State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Texas State, University of Alabama, University of Houston, University of Texas, University of Oklahoma, Colorado School of Mines, University of Southern California, etc.


Robert Cuellar

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Program Lead

Rob is a certified drone pilot with 20+ years in the energy business.  He leads teams of field techs, data processing techs and geospatial professionals to deliver fast, safe and cost-effective drone inspection and reporting services at setld.



We’re just scratching the surface, but are excited to leverage our tremendous information solutions experience to benefit our customers.

setld provided the expertise to help us design repeatable infrastructure upgrades that offered us significant savings!

– Richard Calloway  Calloway Engineering