In short, Mentorprise GIS (MGIS) is a platform consisting of our world-class internal enterprise GIS, shared with you via cafeteria-style web services and meaningful maps of your choosing.  Why should your company struggle to build and maintain a sustainable and valuable enterprise GIS, when setld will do it for you, look after numerous fresh data flows and partner with you to get you exactly what you need?  GET SETLD!

Not usually. Your MGIS implementation will only require a modern web browser and internet access for ongoing use across your organization.  In most cases, our world-class internal enterprise GIS plus third party agreements with your current data providers will allow us to provide maps and charts that meet all of your needs.  We can also accommodate your internal data within MGIS.  In rare cases, we might suggest an additional external data subscription purchase.

All setld data products will be Oracle and SQL Server compliant.  Data transport mechanisms will be standard fare like:  file geodatabase, .SHP, .KML, .CSV and other ASCII compliant formats.

setld provides report templates for all reporting tools used by our clients.  Our core charting functionality is developed upon open source technologies.

We’ll evaluate your entire information systems environment, with strong focus upon the geospatial and reporting sides, offer advice, document needs / gaps and propose solutions.  We also provide short term, long term and flex staffing, agile development, data flow (ETL) connector buildouts within your environment and advise on large-scale dissemination strategies.  We do all of this using a credit-based system that is a friendly and straightforward arrangement for both sides.

setld BPC credits are purchased under a one year contract which includes a small fee for “setld base BPC” account management and annual needs assessment.  After one year, any unused credits will be rolled over for another year upon execution of another one year “setld base BPC” renewal contract. This credit and rollover arrangement alleviates worry about forecasting peak-level utilization and budgeting and should keep you feeling good about the no-nonsense value setld provides.