August 21, 2016
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Does your organization subscribe to IHS Connect (formerly IHS Herold), WoodMac or Industrial Info Resources to enable your Marketing or Business Development teams?  How about IHS Well & Prod to feed your G&G / Engineering apps?  Is the added cost of GIS “Spatial Layers” too much? How about DrillingInfo, P2 Tobin or Rextag?  Have you

December 6, 2015
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Need help translating CAD and GIS bits into SSDM for transport or permanent storage?  We can help: setld’s Seabed Survey Data Model Loader (SSDML) resolves issues with and automatically populates OGP’s SSDM with survey data. setld constantly reviews SSDM and monitors changes to the model and technology; we study the value proposition for you and make sure