Data Subscription Enhancement Service

Does your organization subscribe to IHS Connect (formerly IHS Herold), WoodMac or Industrial Info Resources to enable your Marketing or Business Development teams?  How about IHS Well & Prod to feed your G&G / Engineering apps?  Is the added cost of GIS “Spatial Layers” too much?

How about DrillingInfo, P2 Tobin or Rextag?  Have you been able to fully integrate these data feeds with your internal data and workflows?

setld’s Data Subscription Enhancement Service (DSES) provides affordable, sustainable, automated data validation, custom vendor + internal data mashups and dissemination assistance.

setld refuses to leave you hanging, regardless of source!  We can help you build and execute a plan to:

  • Extract data quickly from almost any source, regardless of its original structure
  • Transform data into any format and structure required and enrich using automated workflows
  • Load data directly into target systems and make it available exactly when, where and how it’s needed

setld offers our Data Subscription Enhancement Service (DSES) for 350+ file formats and applications like:

  • GIS: ArcGIS, MapInfo, QGIS
  • Web Mapping Platforms: ArcGIS Online / Portal, CartoDB, Mapbox
  • BI / Charting:  Spotfire, Tableau, Custom Dashboards
  • CAD / BIM: AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit, SketchUp
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server
  • File and XML-Based: CSV, KML, GML, XLSX
  • Cloud / Productivity:  Salesforce, Slack

Rather than dump raw data over the fence like some vendors, our aim is to help you create authoritative, usable and invaluable information, faster.  GET SETLD – empower your organization to reduce risk and make better decisions!