Mobility and Field Data Collection

Are you finding it difficult to access important company data when away from your office and PC?

Is lack of mobile access to systems and data wasting man hours via repeat trips to the field?  Could important business decisions be made in real time if mobile data access, collection and automated reporting was available?

phonesetld’s Mobility and Field Data Collection (MFDC) fully configurable system enables secure, self-service data access and input for clearer communication, automated reporting, faster assessments and better decisions.

Advantages of setld MFDC over traditional paper or rigid, Trimble-style data collection include:

  • Bring your own device (BYOD) – most staff already carry a smartphone or tablet
  • Simple – branched digital forms are easily followed and understood
  • Quick modification – quickly add a new field or button, change form behaviors
  • Less ambiguity – coded values and required fields guide users
    to unified responses; data validation is built-in
  • Capture it all – date / time, GPS location, core data, calculations, photos, audio, video, signatures, sketches, annotations and more
  • Data is normalized and usable – this data is easy to load and use
    in all of your systems (no secondary transfer operations back at the office)
  • Report in real time – structured reporting of staff or asset locations, new data collected, data edited, safety audits / alerts, emailed flags for immediate review, etc.

Why should your company struggle to build and maintain mobility and field data collection systems when setld will do it for you at a fraction of the cost?

From data model, hardware & app advice to building forms, data flow and end use utility, setld will help you configure your new mobility suite to build maximum value in the form of real time maps, reports, charts and alerts.

GET SETLD – create, lever and act upon key business information from any location!