Global Financial Filings Parser

Traditional financial analysis often involves navigating numerous free and pay websites, clicking through subpages, tweaking charts, deducing important metrics on the fly, building temporary correlations, etc.

  • Do you find it challenging to gather and structure all financial information you need for quick comprehension and analysis?
    • Are you currently paging through Yahoo Finance and other websites to compile data?
  • Are Bloomberg, Morningstar, Business Wire or Hoovers subscriptions overkill for your needs?
    • Do you need bulk, well-formatted, fact-based table data instead of individual reports?

fingerGet setld GFFP to access, analyze and act upon structured financial filing data:

  • All digital SEC EDGAR filings (1995 to Present)
    • Approximately 5TB as of August 2016
  • Processed and updated daily
    • Approximately 2000 new filings per day
  • Delivered via data tables and / or interactive dashboard
  • Integrate this data into your systems and workflows
  • Expert support for this dataset, integrations
    and mashups

Why should your company struggle to find, sort, compare and maintain SEC EDGAR filing data when setld will do it for you at a fraction of the cost?

Let us make this massive volume of financial data usable, feed your internal workflows and partner with you to get the answers you need, when you need them.

GET SETLD – include complete financial data and insights in your business decisions!