Business Process Consulting

Have cost reductions forced you to cut information management staff? This often leaves remaining staff scrambling to keep up with basic duties and urgent requests.

setld BPC provides your organization with information systems advice and flexible staffing, enabling your professional staff to work on higher impact projects specific to your business. GET SETLD.

Advisory – setld BPC Base

Annual subscription designed to provide enterprise-wide visioning and information solutions enablement through technical advisory, an annual health check, a collaboratively developed work plan and access to ad hoc training and support.

• 2 days of on-site assessment
• 1 day of report preparation
• 1 day follow up / plan readout
• 0.5 day mid-cycle checkup
• Up to 50 hours ad hoc, remote training and phone support

Flex Staffing – setld BPC Credits

An annual setld BPC Base account management subscription is required.
setld BPC Credits are a simple way for customers to balance resources and obtain expert information solutions help on demand. Credits can be used to procure services: flex staffing, project management & execution and custom information solutions development.

We offer flexible credit packages and a tiered staffing approach to best meet your needs. Credits do not expire as long as a setld BPC Base subscription is maintained per the program agreement.


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