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December 6, 2015
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Need GoM data?  setld can offer you the core + more at less cost to you.  setld’s GoM Data Product (GDP) resolves numerous compilation issues with BOEM data offerings sourced from:  geospatial web services, web page announcements, web page data downloads, etc.

setld GDP is an annual data subscription designed to provide a normalized, value-added set of U.S. Gulf of Mexico land / lease, well, production, facilities, pipeline, environmental and cultural data.


  • Core data w/ answer enrichment
  • Weekly updates w/ FTP feed and live web services / maps
  • Lease sale evaluation data (and maps)
  • Training and support

setld’s GoM Data Product is a compelling alternative to gathering, processing, managing and troubleshooting this data internally or paying more for another vendor’s offerings.  Our research shows:

  • Custom internal aggregations of this data are usually incomplete
    • Less analysis value
  • Most companies gather and load this data far less often when data loading errors are encountered
    • Data not as fresh
  • Staff time alone exceeds setld GoM Data Product subscription cost
    • Staff time is better spent working on your core business

setld has a vested interest in monitoring and dealing with various changes to BOEM and other government data feeds.  We study the value proposition for you and make sure that our GDP provision is adding measurable value to your organization.  We’re confident in saying you won’t find this value for dollar anywhere else.  GET SETLD – lever our expertise and focus upon your core business!


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