Total Energy & Mining Metrics Data Product

Silhouette of Stock Market Discussionsetld Total Energy & Mining Metrics Data Product (TOTEMM) is the first Competitive and Market Intelligence Data Product to comprehensively track trends and provide quantifiable metrics to demystify the energy transition!

setld’s Total Energy & Mining Metrics (TOTEMM) is an annual subscription designed to provide a comprehensive structured, digitized and spatialized dataset mashing up energy news and humanistic investor presentation data with rigid financial statements.  The result is a novel, comprehensive set of financial and operational insights from 33000+ international oil and gas companies and related organizations.

TOTEMM Includes:

– Energy and mining news aggregation and high-grading
– Data extracted from investor presentations and 10-Qs / 10-Ks
– Joins to known geographies plus digitized plays, fields, areas of interest, leasehold and infrastructure
– Our methods and resulting spatial mashup are not available elsewhere
– Innovative “sliced dissemination” by country, region, state, basin, formation, play, county, company, organization sector, information sector, etc.
– Daily updates w/ FTP feed + REST API

Data is bucketed by: Agreements, Finance, Land, GG and GT, Reserves and Potential, Construct and Drill, Initial Ops, Prod and Gen, Site and Assets, Transport and Storage, Consumption, ESG Plus

We offer this data via live ArcGIS Online, Power BI and custom Elasticsearch interfaces (nearly 100 million searchable documents in Elasticsearch since 2015; now adding ~750k documents per week), SFTP, REST API and offer assistance in building sustainable ETLs to get our data and map / chart display configurations into your internal systems

Integrate our data with yours to create even greater value (e.g. your latest geologic understanding vs. competitor production)

We stand behind our work
– Training and support is included
– Conveniently located in Houston
– We happily take feedback and recommendations for enhancements

Important companies, trends and metrics mashed up, summarized and presented to you the right way.  GET SETLD – learn the real story and make big decisions look easy!

TOTEMM Data Product One Pager
TOTEMM Data Product User Guide