Energy Business Intelligence System

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Timely and accurate competitor and investment information can be a powerful weapon in today’s volatile oil and gas market.

setld’s Energy Business Intelligence System (EBIS) is an annual subscription designed to provide a comprehensive structured, digitized and spatialized dataset mashing up energy news and humanistic oil and gas investor presentation data with rigid financial statements.  The result is a novel, comprehensive set of financial and operational insights from 3000+ international oil and gas companies and related organizations.


  • Energy news aggregation
  • Data extracted from investor presentations and 10Ks – spatialized
    • Our methods and resulting mashup are not available elsewhere
  • Digitized plays, fields, areas of interest, leasehold and infrastructure
  • Weekly updates w/ FTP feed + live web services / interactive maps and charts
  • Innovative “sliced dissemination” by country, region, state, basin, formation, play, county, company, etc.
  • Training and support

setld’s Energy Business Intelligence System is a unique dataset that is invaluable to analysts and decision-makers desiring an advantage when:

  • Raising capital / securing credit lines
  • Gaining merger and acquisition insights
  • Refining business strategies / uncovering opportunities & synergies
  • Building an oil and gas investment strategy

Important companies, trends and metrics mashed up, summarized and presented to you the right way.  GET SETLD – learn the real story and make big decisions look easy!