Drone Mapping & Processing

Need rapid, safe and cost-effective asset inspections?  setld’s Drone Mapping & Processing (DMP) services can quickly capture, process and present high-definition photographs and video for review and informed decision making.

setld DMP services are designed to provide asset or targeted area inspections as needed or on an ongoing / program basis.
Common Deliverables:

  • Real-time project overview / work status maps & reportsdrone
  • Spatially referenced (XYZ) HD photos and video
  • 3D modeling
  • Asset As-Builts (CAD / GIS)
  • Data / Systems Integration (where needed)
  • Training & Support

setld DMP services are more cost effective than current inspection methods, with better data!

setld’s Drone Mapping & Processing services can provide real-time project updates, data and final reports at lightning speed.  Data captured can be made available for review in client offices the next day using a standard internet browser.

Onsite inspections with drones can be augmented with setld field personnel noting unexpected or adverse conditions with setld’s Mobility and Field Data Collection (MFDC) services.

GET SETLD – lever our expertise and focus upon your core business!  We study the value proposition for you and make sure that our Drone Mapping & Processing services are adding measurable value to your organization.